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Legal Sometimes, the smallest of things can amaze me. I'm a sucker for details, which probably lies at the base of my slightly obsessive-compulsive traits of keeping things organized, tidy, aligned, and neat. It's great to see some companies are suckers for details too. Unless the details just become too insignificant. Note: Sunday Eve Column. Short, this week, though.
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Get a Life Thom
by anand78 on Sun 7th May 2006 20:57 UTC
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I fail to undersstand what the purpose this column is. Is there any meat it, NOOOOOOOOOO. I gues a teenager on myspace can write a better article.
Week after week I see this half assed approach at writing something. I guess after Eugenia, all the editors are doing is linking articles. And once in a blue moon they get onto writing something, it is nothing but crap.

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