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Legal Sometimes, the smallest of things can amaze me. I'm a sucker for details, which probably lies at the base of my slightly obsessive-compulsive traits of keeping things organized, tidy, aligned, and neat. It's great to see some companies are suckers for details too. Unless the details just become too insignificant. Note: Sunday Eve Column. Short, this week, though.
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So Pathetic
by anand78 on Sun 7th May 2006 21:21 UTC
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" The Sunday eve column will be exactly what the name implies. Every Sunday eve (Central European Time) I will publish a short editorial column in which I address various issues and matters about topics we cover on OSNews. However, please remember the difference between a editorial column and a true article: columns are heavily opinionated. Heavily.

As such, do not treat them as thorough articles either. Because, as I said, they're not.

That was clearly seen in last week's column about UNIX security. It was heavily misunderstood because people expected a true article, while all they got was a heavily opinionated piece on a touchy subject. Of course that was my own fault, as at that time, we did not know exactly how this column thing would turn out.

That's it, basicallly. Have fun!"

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