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Benchmarks Jasjeet Sekhon benchmarked Linux and MacOS X on the MacBook Pro using his statistical software, and finds that "Linux is found to be much faster than Apple's OS X for statistical computing. For example, in one benchmark Linux is more than twice as fast." Earlier, he ran tests on a G5 and an Opteron, and conlcuded: "Those results were terrible for OS X and not particularly good for the G5 (970) chip. For example, my 2.7 pound Pentium-M Linux laptop is faster than my 44 pound G5 running OS X. The floating point performance of the 970 chip leaves much to be desired, but OS X makes the performance problem significantly worse."
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RE[5]: oh boy... (OT)
by The1stImmortal on Mon 8th May 2006 10:25 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: oh boy..."
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10 years behind puts it around about equivalent to Office 95/97. Respectable suites, not only for their time but even today. Office 97 might be old but lets face it, there's only so much you can do with an office suite. Not to mention, a large majority of users (which will consist of a large number of corporate-types) will use MS Office as a simple word processor, for making spreadsheets and giving powerpoint presentations.

er... I know that sounds a little negative, but my point is if OOo is equivalent to say Office 97, I'm happy about that.

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