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Microsoft A group of software developers have created a program to make Microsoft Office work with files in the OpenDocument format, a move that would bridge currently incompatible desktop applications. Gary Edwards, an engineer involved in the open-source project and founder of the OpenDocument Foundation, on Thursday discussed the software plug-in on the Web site Groklaw.
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RE[4]: Worse news yet
by dsmogor on Mon 8th May 2006 10:28 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Worse news yet"
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VS.Net is heavily suited to conventions and habits of windows programmers. They are used to tight integration, easy support for popular MS technologies and ready-made template solutions for typical problems. As these guys are trained from the beggining on MS's devlelopement suites, no doubt other options doesn't suit them as well.

OSS software is mainly based on Unix developers mindset that trades user frienliness and instant productivity for flexibility and long term gains.
Anyway if you're looking for good java editor (.Net is still not nearly as entrenched in linux world and java unfortunately is still the most serious framework on linux for commercial app developemet) give Eclipse with some good gui design tool plugin a try. It really matches VC in terms of code editing automatization. It also has C/C++ plugin but it's intelisense implementation is a little bit less smart than MS's.
I mostly do C developement and for me JEdit with some custom macros offers all that I need to be productive.

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