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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Samsung Electronics and Microsoft will next month show off the ready-to-market version of a hybrid hard drive which can greatly reduce boot-up time of laptops and desktop PCs. The HHD is the convergence of a flash memory chip and a conventional platter-type magnetic disk drive. To save the time and energy spent spinning a metal disk drive it is designed to use static flash memory when starting a PC."
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Booting up is out of time
by Ford Prefect on Mon 8th May 2006 13:53 UTC
Ford Prefect
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booting a system is like installing a system. It doesn't really make sense to do it very often.

With today's hardware (esp. disks) it takes less time to save all the memory content to disk (on-the-fly-compressed), as to shutdown a decent "bloated" operating system.
Easy to tell it also takes much less time to read back the data on startup of the machine than to boot it.

And you can continue working where you stopped. No additional power consumption while the power is off. It is power consuming to copy back all the memory data, but it is also while you startup applications, etc.. Better productivity anyway!
What is needed? An operating system capable of this; hardware drivers capable of this.

What is not needed? An additional flash drive

I don't understand why people still talk about booting, esp. on laptop devices, other than OSes like Windows like to operate worse and worse after running too long.

Even on desktop machines it is more convenient to use suspend-to-disk, as hard drives are faster. Half of the startup time (with suspend to disk) on my 3 years old desktop machine is wasted by the BIOS...

I don't understand why I should buy hardware which assists in nothing else than booting. This flash memory is built into the drive, so I can't use it to take data with me. Anyway I can't efficiently use it in runtime as the "boot" data (operating system) will have to reside there, otherwise it needs to be copied back from disk, wich will make it silly (battery usage, time loss on shutdown instead of boot). The data used while operating will not be read from flash but from memory, as it is much faster...

A better idea would be to include flash memory into a notebook for a suspend-to-flash like feature. 1 Gig of RAM fits into 512 Megs if zipped. It could still be called silly.

Ford Prefect

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