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Benchmarks Jasjeet Sekhon benchmarked Linux and MacOS X on the MacBook Pro using his statistical software, and finds that "Linux is found to be much faster than Apple's OS X for statistical computing. For example, in one benchmark Linux is more than twice as fast." Earlier, he ran tests on a G5 and an Opteron, and conlcuded: "Those results were terrible for OS X and not particularly good for the G5 (970) chip. For example, my 2.7 pound Pentium-M Linux laptop is faster than my 44 pound G5 running OS X. The floating point performance of the 970 chip leaves much to be desired, but OS X makes the performance problem significantly worse."
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What is more important...
by markus on Mon 8th May 2006 17:30 UTC
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I agree that some portions of the Mac OS X kernel need optimizations but:

- If I could get a nice statistical software that runs fine under Mac OS X and plays well with other software I use AND the workflow under Mac OS X would safe MY time (and I suppose it would) I would run that software under Mac OS X and not under Linux to save some cpu cycles.

- I also run some file / directory servers under Mac OS X because integrating Mac / Win / Linux works for me really well (and nobody complaned about performance so far)

- I also think that the statistical software package may have been tweaked (over time) for Linux perfomance - Mac OS X is not Linux and that does not means that it is slower but that it has a different performance profile.
There is an article on Apples developer pages how to optimize MySQL performance by turning off a MySQL feature that dynamically changes thread priority - the very same feature that increases performance under Linux.

- This is not to say that Apple should not optimize the kernel that has 16 year old code in it (Apple has allready done this successfully with launchd) - but this article draws just the wrong conclusions.

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