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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu At LinuxTag on Saturday, a meeting of Kubuntu and KDE contributors was held in order to improve the collaboration of both projects. The aim was to to talk about the common future of both projects. Jonathan Riddell and Mark Shuttleworth from Canonical attended the meeting. Later in his keynote speech to the conference, Mark publicly committed to Kubuntu as an essential product for Canonical and showed his commitment by wearing a KDE t-shirt.
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Committed to KDE...
by Jezza on Mon 8th May 2006 20:20 UTC
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Hold on... Didn't Mark "Commit" to KDE last release too? Saying he was using KDE at home and watnted full support of Kubuntu?

Shame that didn't really appear, I use KDE on ubuntu here, and it's had some awful long-standing bugs (especially with CUPS) throughout the whole release cycle.

Let's hope Etchy will see this support of KDE actually materialise

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