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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Samsung Electronics and Microsoft will next month show off the ready-to-market version of a hybrid hard drive which can greatly reduce boot-up time of laptops and desktop PCs. The HHD is the convergence of a flash memory chip and a conventional platter-type magnetic disk drive. To save the time and energy spent spinning a metal disk drive it is designed to use static flash memory when starting a PC."
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RE: Pointlessness...
by Ford Prefect on Mon 8th May 2006 21:17 UTC in reply to "Pointlessness..."
Ford Prefect
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It's not "Linux" your talking about but several distros.

A clean linux distribution and configuration boots very fast. Even if I don't boot very often as I use suspend-to-disk, my boot time is very low. Here are two graphs (I tried twice to see if there are differences):

This is ArchLinux ( Other people already mentioned the init scripts. Arch uses a BSD like init which is very fast... and services are started in parallel, too (at the least end).
I didn't do any tweaks, just in the services list declared the last 5 ones or so to start in background.

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