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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Samsung Electronics and Microsoft will next month show off the ready-to-market version of a hybrid hard drive which can greatly reduce boot-up time of laptops and desktop PCs. The HHD is the convergence of a flash memory chip and a conventional platter-type magnetic disk drive. To save the time and energy spent spinning a metal disk drive it is designed to use static flash memory when starting a PC."
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RE: New tech or re-packaged tech?
by Brendan on Mon 8th May 2006 21:20 UTC in reply to "New tech or re-packaged tech?"
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If this is anything more than a flash drive piggybacked on a standard hard drive, appearing as two seperate volumes to the OS, I'd consider it overkill.

I'm hoping that it's intelligently combined, so that the flash behaves like a transparent "boot time" cache (e.g. a cache of the first N sectors read). That way it'd improve performance for all OSs without any changes to software....

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