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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless was very kind to send us over a Symbian/UIQ 3G smartphone for the purposes of this article, the Motorola M1000 (currently $290). This specific model originally was only sold in Japan as a "world phone" since last July, meaning that it can work both in Japan and in the rest of the GSM world. We tested the operating system, its usability and the phone itself with the Cingular network in the Bay Area. Many screenshots and pictures included.
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by mkools on Mon 8th May 2006 22:19 UTC
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Great phone at a resonable price indeed.
About the cons, well who needs MMS support anyway.

One thing makes me not buy this phone, it's the GUI.
It looks like some very old Linux WM like fvwm.
Of course it doesn't matter for the functionality but still, it doens't look userfriendly and it's not a phone to show off with, which is very important these days.

But hey, for that price you can't complain about anything. A phone with Wifi support for $290, that's about nothing so it's a good thing they compensated the cons with the price.

My next phone will be a Motorola, but one with Linux and not Symbian.

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