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SGI and IRIX Silicon Graphics Inc. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The press release sugarcoats: "Silicon Graphics today announced that it has reached an agreement with all of its Senior Secured bank lenders and with holders of a significant amount of its Senior Secured debt on the terms of a reorganization plan that will reduce its debt by approximately $250 million, greatly simplifying its capital structure." El Reg, The Inq, and the WSJ have more.
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RE: RE[5]: SGI
by plague on Mon 8th May 2006 23:46 UTC in reply to " RE[4]: SGI"
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I agree with the poster saying they should've entered the PC market as a gfx board maker.

Wishful thinking here, but this is how I would love things to go from here:
They start making gfx boards that centralize on exellent OpenGL performance.
Sure, they should support DirectX, but OpenGL should be the priority.
They keep their drivers open source, and make sure their cards work beautifully on OSS systems, making them an OSS enthusiasts wet dream.

IMO, this could really help both the OSS systems and SGI.
OSS systems would (best case scenario) get a push into the gaming market, OpenGL would stop beeing threatened by DirectX and SGI would rise from the ashes.

But it's just a dream, it'll never happen, not even close. So sad..

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