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RISC OS Hardware accelerated 3D graphics on RISC OS took a step closer to reality, thanks to Simon Wilson. He claims to have ported Mesa 3.2, a 3D graphics library that sports an OpenGL software interface. More importantly, he says he has also ported an Nvidia graphics accelerator from BeOS to harness the GeForce2 video card in the Iyonix to plot graphics fast in hardware.
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Earl Colby pottinger
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>Porting OpenTracker is far more complicated, actually, than porting a display driver.

Thanks for the informative reply. I guess I have been fooled by the number of diffirent OpenTrackers into thinking it's code must be easy to understand/change. I have only looked at the code once, and then I was over looking for the find function to see if I could add features to the queries. I guess that is your point, even with a maze of code it is possible to add functions, but that does not mean understand the total code and porting it is easy.

And yes, I too am looking forward to the day that Haiku is compiled with a more up-to-date compiler, BeOS is pretty fast for the things I do now, an update compiler should make it sing.

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