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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Thin is in again. After years of false starts, so-called thin clients are gaining traction as IT departments look to cut costs and boost security. Dell, Intel and AMD are eyeing the space." eWeek takes a closer look at Thin Clients, including a set of pictures.
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HP makes a machine capable of doing this running linux. Or at least I read they did. The article was about them creating this solution for some country in Africa that was poor. Rather than give low end machines, it was cheaper to send higher end machines with 2 dual out video cards (or maybe a quad) and multiple sound cards. They set it up so each computer was shared by 4 people.

On a different note, I have been seeing this move to thin clients in businesses utilizing virtualization. A lot of companies are running virtual desktops on a linux server, which users connect to with rdp on a linux thin client. Saves lots on licensing as they can run a linux server to host them, and there is no per seat fee because you are connecting to your own desktop. But all data lives in the server room, making backups easy. Plus, anyone can sit at any desk and bring up their own desktop. Pretty slick IMHO.

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