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Windows "New security features in Windows Vista will largely eliminate the need to run separate antispyware or firewall software, according to a new analyst report. Due out early next year, the next major release of Microsoft's flagship operating system promises not only to increase security for consumers, it will also dramatically affect the $3.6 billion market for Windows security products, according to a Yankee Group report scheduled to be published Monday." That same report also claims that Vista's security measures will hurt in the enterprise sector, and it advises companies to stick with XP SP2 until 2008.
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Microsoft neck deep in its own hole
by TechGeek on Tue 9th May 2006 00:58 UTC
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Microsoft has really dug itself into quite a hole now. It owns such a large market share that its a monopoly. And due to their short sightedness or maybe their money first attitude, has caused the creation of several markets based almost wholey on their product. NOw they are in a catch 22. If they fix the problems to make their product better, they eliminate the need for that market. And since they are a monopoly, everything they do has legal consequences to it. This is proof of why a multi vendor market is needed. Like it or not, we need Linux and Mac OS X, and so does MS. While you cant really put free out of business, think about the sh**storm that would ensue if Apple went under. The feds would have no choice but to break up MS just to jump start the OS market. Why do you think MS invested in Apple? To help preserve them as a competitor.

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