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Legal Sometimes, the smallest of things can amaze me. I'm a sucker for details, which probably lies at the base of my slightly obsessive-compulsive traits of keeping things organized, tidy, aligned, and neat. It's great to see some companies are suckers for details too. Unless the details just become too insignificant. Note: Sunday Eve Column. Short, this week, though.
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"However, I find it a rather childish reaction for an editor writing an opinion piece to tell those who disagree with him not to read his opinion piece. "

This is simple freedom of speech. Everybody's free to speak his mind, and everyone else is free to listen or not. What is childish is your reaction to an editorial. Please get a life.

"Thom, pulling out wrong and stupid analogies out of somewhere is just a very bad excuse for having a real argument."

Thom's analogies are perfectly valid. They only show how stupid and nonsense your argumentation is.

"The only problem is that you still have not provided one argument why this should be the case and instead have again tried to avoid addressing the issue at hand. Pathetic."

You're talking about yourself, right? Religious moron.

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