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Mac OS X Slashdot reports: "Several people have discovered that the new Intel kernel Apple has included with the Developer Kit DVD uses TCPA/TPM DRM. More specifically, it includes "a TCPA/Palladium implementation that uses a Infineon 1.1 chip which will prevent certain parts of the OS from working unless authorized."
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RE: Apple elite
by Adurbe on Mon 1st Aug 2005 20:09 UTC in reply to "Apple elite"
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DRM is fine in my opinion, but not to the point of Windows XP

anyone here tried to change an XP licence key to make it legal (after using ghost or other similar program) its just silly!

I do hope apple licence the OS again, the only reason they stopped first time was because people like UMAX were building cheaper/faster boxs!

as much as it gauls me to say it... someone like dell would be ideal, ie someone with enterprise connections and someone who apple can outshine on design

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