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Linspire Kevin Carmony has taken the heat from some in the FOSS community for offering non-free software in Linspire, and in particular, for attempting to lure the FOSS community into contributing to Linspire via Freespire. Don Parris spoke with Linspire's Kevin Carmony to learn more about his position. Are the community's accusations fair? What other options are there?
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Community distros...
by synergy on Tue 9th May 2006 18:49 UTC
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so meanwhile we have fedora, opensuse, ubuntu and now freespire...

except some distrospecific managemnt tools and apps,
all have the same stuff included - talking about tremendous waste of efforts...!

how about at least merging opensuse and fedora (rpm) as well as ubuntu and freespire (deb) - possibly even debian or based on debian itself, and later maybe all via progeny's work on apt4rpm/deb?
should be possible in a way that the involved comapanies still can differentiate their commercial offerings - if not 2 base distros, then at least shared maintaining/packaging of shared rpms/debs (synching of used releases of the various libs/parts).

how about it, folks?

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