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Windows Microsoft used the annual Mobile & Embedded DevCon to announce the availability of a beta release of Windows CE 6, the next generation of its real-time software used to build customized operating systems for devices such as internet protocol set-top-boxes, Global Positioning System-based devices, and industrial automation and medical devices. With a redesigned operating system kernel architecture, expanded capacity for simultaneous processes (up to 32000) and newly integrated tool set, Windows CE 6 promises help device makers more quickly create devices that support a range of applications for high-demand categories.
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RE: ho-hum
by elektrik on Tue 9th May 2006 19:52 UTC in reply to "ho-hum"
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Oh no! Whatever shall I do with my "dead PDA" that I use to access OSNews wirelessly while in the house, put movies onto for my daughter when we travel, keep track of my many appointments; where oh where will I find software to help me in my (medical career) and how will I *ever* play MP3's that won't skip because they're on a hard drive?

You're absolutely right-I *want* to pay several hundred dollars for a combined Phone-PDA that locks me to one specific carrier-not matter how crummy they are...

Oh wait... were we talking about a dead market?

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