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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Samsung Electronics and Microsoft will next month show off the ready-to-market version of a hybrid hard drive which can greatly reduce boot-up time of laptops and desktop PCs. The HHD is the convergence of a flash memory chip and a conventional platter-type magnetic disk drive. To save the time and energy spent spinning a metal disk drive it is designed to use static flash memory when starting a PC."
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RE[2]: Not MS please
by atsureki on Wed 10th May 2006 06:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Not MS please"
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Please provide a reason why you belive MS shouldnt be part of this. Until then, your comment is basically a troll ...

I'll provide two. 1) Microsoft is the reigning champ of vendor lock-in. Any technology they get their hands on is liable to become unusable to the outside world. 2) Windows has never been the least bit good at distributing itself over multiple disks. At least with Linux, I could put /boot and /sbin on the flash drive and the rest on the platters. What will Microsoft do? Since they already have a name for the "technology," I'm thinking huge, mysterious binary that takes complete control of the flash area and will only allow you to boot one operating system.

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