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Windows Head of all things Windows at Microsoft, Jim Allchin provides a heads up on the operating system formerly known as Longhorn: "Most of the stuff that we would expect that tech enthusiasts and consumers will be interested in will happen at Beta 2. Beta 1 is not what I would call deeply interesting unless you are a real bithead".
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Would MS settle for ANY amount in order to get Vista out on time? Yes. Any IP issues will essentially amount to money-grabbing by smaller software companies looking to capitalize on their IP portfolios. This is why MS applies for so many patents (3,000 per year): so that they minimize their IP settlement payouts whenever they want to release new software.

It's like Bill says all the time: he does not support the current software patent system, but he has to enact a patent-happy strategy to defend the company against the torrents of lawsuits. The reality of the software patent game today is that there are more losers than winners, and the surest way to lose is by not playing.

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