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Games The successor to the Linux-based GP32 handheld games console will launch in the UK on 18 May, promising to bring gamers a gadget capable not only of playing native games and well-known titles under emulation, but also movies, music, and picture slideshows. The GP2X contains two 240MHz processors, 64MB of RAM, and 64MB of Flash. It sports a 320 x 240 LCD and is powered by a pair of AA batteries - enough, claimed the console's UK distributor, for six hours' gameplay. There's an SD card slot for expansion, and a USB port for PC connectivity.
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same hardware
by _df_ on Wed 10th May 2006 11:48 UTC
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the only difference between this and the old gp2x is that they had to source a new supplier for screens so the new screen is not interlaced. all the hardware is still the same.

they may have changed the joystick cap (but its still the same stick underneath)

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