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Games The successor to the Linux-based GP32 handheld games console will launch in the UK on 18 May, promising to bring gamers a gadget capable not only of playing native games and well-known titles under emulation, but also movies, music, and picture slideshows. The GP2X contains two 240MHz processors, 64MB of RAM, and 64MB of Flash. It sports a 320 x 240 LCD and is powered by a pair of AA batteries - enough, claimed the console's UK distributor, for six hours' gameplay. There's an SD card slot for expansion, and a USB port for PC connectivity.
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RE: So close...
by Morgan on Wed 10th May 2006 15:18 UTC in reply to "So close..."
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"What features would you like to see in the perfect (sort of) all-around gizmo and what would you pay for it?"

I'm quite happy with my Sharp Zaurus SL-5500. It has an SD slot capable of SDIO, a CF slot that accepts WiFi and Bluetooth devices, decent battery life, a 240x320 hi-color display, and best of all it runs Linux right out of the box. There are several different OS images available for it as well. If the Sharp ROM that comes standard doesn't meet your FOSS needs, there is OpenZaurus, a completely open-source ROM that also happens to have a vastly superior (in my opinion) PIM suite and package manager. The device also has a built-in keyboard.

For gaming, I currently have a native port of Doom installed, as well as two Gameboy emulators and a SNES emulator. MAME is available as well as the previously discussed ZX Spectrum and C64 emulators. Throw in a WiFi card and you have an extremely portable packet sniffer/wardriving machine if you're into that. I just find it handy that I can check my email and browse the web whenever I go to the mall or downtown Atlanta.

Of course, this device is no longer in production but it can be had on eBay for ~US$150. Throw in a 1gb SD card (US$40) and a CF WiFi card (US$50) and you have what I think is a much better deal than the smallest ultraportable laptop/tablet out there (the OQO at ~US$1999). If you insist on having a brand-new one, can hook you up with a clamshell version with a 640x480 screen and a built-in microdrive hard disk for around US$899. This is still less than half the cost of the OQO and nearly all the functionality, as long as you don't need portable Windows XP or 20GB of storage (which I assume most people in this thread don't, judging by the thread subject).

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