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Games The successor to the Linux-based GP32 handheld games console will launch in the UK on 18 May, promising to bring gamers a gadget capable not only of playing native games and well-known titles under emulation, but also movies, music, and picture slideshows. The GP2X contains two 240MHz processors, 64MB of RAM, and 64MB of Flash. It sports a 320 x 240 LCD and is powered by a pair of AA batteries - enough, claimed the console's UK distributor, for six hours' gameplay. There's an SD card slot for expansion, and a USB port for PC connectivity.
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"now, put these two items in it and you have a winner:
> 5" widescreen capable of 800x480
> nvidia GoForce 5500 video/audio chip"

The widescreen I'm behind 100%, that is something I would love to see in a device designed for watching movies as well as gaming. As for the video chip though, there is no way that chip (and yes I know you referenced the laptop version of the chip) would be feasible on 2 AA batteries. It would be better to go the Nintendo DS route, with a low-power-consumption but still 3D-capable separate video processor. As we've seen with Mario DS and Metroid Prime, the Nintendo DS can easily handle complex 3D graphics on a low-power platform.

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