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Linux Six months ago, architects from two dozen desktop-oriented Linux projects gathered in Portland to work together on creating the best possible Linux desktop. Thus was born the Portland Project. Now, in Mainz, Germany, the expanded group is meeting again on May 8 and 9 to see how far it's come and to look at what's ahead.
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RE[2]: eh?
by Dima on Wed 10th May 2006 23:40 UTC
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A KDE app calls a KDE file picker when running Gnome, and Gnome apps call Gnome file pickers when running in KDE.

Will the file picker run in the same process as the application itself, or in the desktop daemon's process?

If in the application's process, then it will require a common even loop, right? (Looks like Qt is adopting glib, but it will take time...)

If not, then will it be possible to tie the file picker to the application's window - make it a modal dialog, or make it stay on top, etc.?
What about permissions - if the application is running as a different user, will it still connect to the same desktop daemon?
In general, it would put a lot of responsibility on the daemon.

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