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Apple I started out as a Mac user in about 1985 in a world which will be totally unfamiliar to almost all readers of OSNews. You wrote out your stuff by longhand, and a secretary typed it on a word processor. If you were lucky and able to manage it, you could dictate it. But you did not dictate into a dictating machine, because these were big heavy and expensive. You dictated it directly to someone who could 'take shorthand'. If you had a PC, it ran DOS. You looked for your files, and moved them around, started applications, one at a time, from the command line, and the command line was not pretty, it was green on black.
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105 comments prove somehow he has a point
by dvhh on Thu 11th May 2006 00:11 UTC
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well among the comments I somehow note he had a point about mac zealots.
As far as I know the only pc I wanted to buy for style was SGI station.
I'm not a regular user of apple product ( I tried the ipod but soon after switched to a psp ).But I advise some of my friend to buy mac because I know they'll "feel" safer with this choice.
I'm quite surprised that apple didn't get sued for monopoly practice for shipping safari/i-life/Quickime with OS-X
with no instruction on how removing safari for example ( a big compagny got sued all over the world for such behavior ) or even quicktime.
I use windows 2000/NT4 at home as they currently are the less bloated and most stable win32 OS, and I did rely on a lot of win32 dev tool to work.
But I strongly believe on the success of linux, because of all the hassle and obcurity windows and mac os will give to users, windows by being more and more restrictive for normal windows users (heck µsoft cannot include a decent firewall because of potential monopoly suit), and OS-X by being bug riddled while offering more and more possibilities to users.

And for a dev, OSX seem like a nightmare, slugish console, GUI Toolkit based on Objective-C rather than C++, limited choice of Platform specific IDE, less than stellar java performance ( anyone working with eclipse on OSX ??), and yeah the only thing OSX server seem good at is storage area.
But somehow Apple got a point, adverage joe would feel safer with a Mac, why ? because he's limited, thus protected from himself putting garbage on his computer.

oh and I beleive there is an article on osnews about the "RTFM guys" that would lift the same debate about linux.

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