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Opera Software Nintendo has turned to Opera as the browser for their upcoming Wii gaming console. "Opera Software today announced that Nintendo's much anticipated new generation game console, Wii, will use the Opera browser. Users of the Wii console will browse the Internet using their consoles. Navigating via the innovative new Wii Remote controller, users can visit Web sites in between gaming sessions."
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Nintendo chose to outsource
by seishino on Thu 11th May 2006 11:18 UTC
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Nintendo is not a company notorious for doing things in-house. They generally hire external companies to do their dirty work, rather than staffing up. Japan has a tradition of hiring for life, means every time you bulk up you commit your company to the next 40 years.

They needed a browser for the DS. Opera is well known in the embedded realm as one of the smallest and least bad. Firefox would not have fit, and they had no obvious choices for people who would make it fit, so they went with Opera.

Now with the Wii they need a browser. They can either use established contacts at Opera, or they can try to find someone capable of adapting Firefox for it and worry about supporting two different browsers on two platforms. They chose to go with their DS browser provider. It seems like the right choice to me.

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