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SuSE, openSUSE "After lot of work and several delays, we proudly announce the availability of SUSE Linux 10.1. In tribute to 42 and as today is the fifth anniversary of the death of Douglas Adams, we dedicate this release to him. As usual, we ship all the latest open source packages available at the time. But we want to give special mention to Xgl for 3D acceleration on the desktop, NetworkManager for getting painless wifi access everywhere, the completely open source AppArmor 2.0, and the full integration of XEN 3 in YaST." You can get it from the download page. Update: Screenshots.
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Status of Wireless Drivers?
by enloop on Thu 11th May 2006 16:13 UTC
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Anyone know the specific wifi cards 10.1 knows about? The OpenSUSE wiki wireless HCL has been running big question marks in the 10.1 column. (The wiki is down now due to the all the downloading.)

Are non-FOSS drivers included in the Extras CD? In particular, the Atheros driver was pulled from the betas because it wouldn't work with SMP kernels. What happened with that?

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