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Windows Head of all things Windows at Microsoft, Jim Allchin provides a heads up on the operating system formerly known as Longhorn: "Most of the stuff that we would expect that tech enthusiasts and consumers will be interested in will happen at Beta 2. Beta 1 is not what I would call deeply interesting unless you are a real bithead".
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RE[2]: forget it
by sbenitezb on Mon 1st Aug 2005 22:31 UTC in reply to "RE: forget it"
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"Yes, Windows has fallen behind Linux a little on the desktop. But Vista will put it back ahead for the most part."

Vista hasn't been released yet. Do you think Linux will stay stagnant for (+-)2 years?

"Where's hardware accelerated composited desktop on linux that doesn't require you to set it up yourself and is stable? Does it support pixel shaders like Avalon does (hence the frosted glass look) or just per-pixel transparency?"

Can't you just wait 2 years? Anyway, do we really need to see special effects on our desktops too? I want a simple to use desktop environment, I don't need it to make me go blind.

"Does linux have anything like XAML? Assuming you even know the capabilities of XAML."

XUL. But do you really think that XAML will get developers support? There are still a lot of developers using VB5, VB6 and the ones that are just getting into .NET, how much more tech. will they learn to satisfy MS ego and marketing policies?

"Can linux do object piping on the console instead of just text piping?"

No, but I don't find it usefull. Unix/Linux had the best available console for so many years. Abruptly, MS comes in with that *console wannabe* superhyperhichtech with objects and all that shit that no one will know how to use it. Best stuff are just plain text with some perl parsers and bash scripts. Keep it simple, stupid.

"Built in DVD recording that is as easy as drag and drop?"

I can write DVD from my GNOME with drag&drop right now. Don't need to wait countless years.

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