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Linux Recently in a post on my blog I argued that, despite many claims to the contrary, GNU/Linux is almost ready for the desktop. In particular, I argued that GNU/Linux is already a very good and easy desktop if people just take the time to learn its very basic differences with Windows before actually using it. Note: Don't forget to rate this article!
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valid reasoning
by netpython on Fri 8th Jul 2005 06:16 UTC
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Find me some GOOD point and click GUI tools for things like Samba

Yast,Webmin,to name a few.

(which a user shouldn't have to know what it is

If they don't know what it is,than what's the use?

Users should NEVER have to touch the terminal (command-line).

They don't have to.All depends on the flavor you want to install.All *distros* have a possible end-state on the desktop in common,i mean your desired slick GUI.All that differs is the steps that have to be taken.SuSE 9.3 is ready after initial install and doesn't require anything on the CLI.

Eg:it's possible to have the same desired desktop wether the distro is SuSE,Debian,Gentoo or LFS.

just that it makes it so that they can share files

The're numerous of ways to share files between two nodes.But i think a personal webserver isn't the right way for newcomers regardless on which OS the server is installed.

I agree with the author of the article when you consider the average target audience he described.In that context most Linux *flavors* are more than ready for the desktop.While some have a little more rough edges than others.

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