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Internet & Networking Plans for an area of the internet dedicated to pornography were killed last night in a vote by overseeing organisation ICANN. In a split 9-5 board decision, the organisation acted ruthlessly, against its own previous position, in order to put an end to an increasingly difficult and controversial issue - the approval of a .xxx top-level domain.
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ICANN can eat my short
by werfu on Thu 11th May 2006 23:56 UTC
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The ICANN can eat my short... those fagets have been bought by the pr0n industry and at the same time the stupid religous right wing. While creating a red light disctrict and enforcing porn to the XXX domain they could have had a great deal for child protection. But they bent to the pressure and now we're still stuck with thousand of porn site to watch (how bad ;) IMOO I think this should have been done a while ago.

Also the ICANN should cease to exist and transfer all it's right to a UN commitee. This is the WORLD wide web, so the world should police it, not only the states with it's limited states of mind (religous right wings and republicans)! This is just another thing that makes me say I'm proud to be canadian.

[EDIT]Hoo and I forgot to talk about Verisign scandal... how bad, just another thing on the acusation list of the ICANN.[/EDIT]

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