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Apple Ars reviews Aperture 1.1, and concludes: "I have to admit, I was very skeptical that Apple could whip together professional-quality RAW conversion for numerous camera models in a few months. Either they bought some existing technology we don't know about or there are some seriously overworked software engineers getting some much-needed sleep right about now. But who cares? The plain fact is that Aperture 1.1's high-quality RAW processing says "we can move quickly in areas where we've had little experience" and the discount/refund says "users won't be expected to beta test at their own expense again." Ars's review of Aperture 1.0 was quite negative.
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RE[3]: How hard is this?
by anevilyak on Fri 12th May 2006 02:51 UTC
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Simply supporting the formats is meaningless. The point is that there is no 'correct' interpretation of how to convert from RAW sensor data to RGB/sRGB, hence the widely varying results in the resulting images processed by various apps. Dcraw may well support all those cameras, but how good is the resulting output?

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