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Apple I started out as a Mac user in about 1985 in a world which will be totally unfamiliar to almost all readers of OSNews. You wrote out your stuff by longhand, and a secretary typed it on a word processor. If you were lucky and able to manage it, you could dictate it. But you did not dictate into a dictating machine, because these were big heavy and expensive. You dictated it directly to someone who could 'take shorthand'. If you had a PC, it ran DOS. You looked for your files, and moved them around, started applications, one at a time, from the command line, and the command line was not pretty, it was green on black.
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RE: Proprietary plugs
by Morgan on Fri 12th May 2006 07:33 UTC in reply to "Proprietary plugs"
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USB plugs with a metal tab that prevents you from using USB-compliant (but non-Apple) devices?

They still do this. When I had my Mini, I got tired of the bluetooth keyboard so I bought an official Apple USB Keyboard. I noticed a little dent on the USB connector, but it fit just fine in the USB port so I paid it no attention. The keyboard came with a USB extension cable which at first I didn't use for the keyboard. I figured I'd use it for my thumb drive so I wouldn't have to reach around to to the back of the Mini to plug it in. Well, guess what? The extension cable had a tab that prevented you from plugging anything into it that didn't have a matching dent. The keyboard, of course, has this dent. So, you can only use the otherwise-standard USB extension cable that YOU OWN with the Apple keyboard, not with your other hardware. That irked me to no end, I assure you.

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