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Apple I started out as a Mac user in about 1985 in a world which will be totally unfamiliar to almost all readers of OSNews. You wrote out your stuff by longhand, and a secretary typed it on a word processor. If you were lucky and able to manage it, you could dictate it. But you did not dictate into a dictating machine, because these were big heavy and expensive. You dictated it directly to someone who could 'take shorthand'. If you had a PC, it ran DOS. You looked for your files, and moved them around, started applications, one at a time, from the command line, and the command line was not pretty, it was green on black.
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RE[3]: So in summary...
by Morgan on Fri 12th May 2006 14:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: So in summary..."
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Yes, I am poor. I saved up for four months for the $200 video card, which I only recently bought. Doom 3 has been $20 for quite a while now; I had wanted to buy it since it came out but I'm not paying $50 for any game (WoW was a gift). And yes, it hurts my budget to pay the $15/month for World of Warcraft, but that's less than most cigarette smokers pay for their addiction. I make less a month than most of you make in a week, but I know how to budget and am willing to put off a big purchase and save up for it. And believe me, $200 is a very big purchase for me. I still wonder if I made a good decision spending that much money on entertainment. If I weren't poor, it wouldn't be an issue.

Next time, think before you belittle someone about their financial situation.

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