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FreeBSD Linux may soon have a stronger open-source competitor on the desktop if FreeBSD's plans come to fruition. FreeBSD developer Scott Long told ZDNet UK on Thursday that the operating system, descended from the Unix derivative BSD, is "quickly approaching" feature parity with Linux. "Lots of work is going on to make FreeBSD more friendly on the desktop," Long said. "Within the year, we expect to have, or be near, parity with Linux."
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RE[5]: Feature parity? OSS sound!
by FishB8 on Sat 13th May 2006 00:15 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Feature parity? OSS sound!"
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Don't believe me? try to get a Java application
that uses sound to play sounds at the same time as ,say , an mp3 playing in the background.
The mp3 player blocks the java apps sound and no sound is heard.

Perhaps you've never heard of ALSA's dmix feature.

And BTW: The design of the OSS sound sink is awful.

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