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SuSE, openSUSE LinuxForums reviews SUSE 10.1, and concludes: "Everything worked perfectly and the system seemed to be very stable. The boot splash, the login managers, the installer and the desktops were customized with a unified SUSE look and feel that made them beautiful and very professional. The YaST installer in particular impressed me a lot, and I was amazed to see how SUSE succeeded in making a great desktop operating system, both with Gnome and KDE, offering a lot of software, a lot of options, a lot of configuration tools without making it hard at all for the user. This release also comes with great new applications such as Xgl, Xen and AppArmor. Everywhere I looked, I saw really nice things, great ideas and a beautiful presentation."
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YaST is god-awful
by google_ninja on Sat 13th May 2006 02:46 UTC
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I really dont understand what everyone loves about it so much. Hardware detection is at *least* as good on half a dozen other distros, so it can't be that. After the initial install/configuration, the only thing you would really use anyways is the "Software Managment" panel, which is hands down, the worst I have ever seen. Adding "sources" takes a completely and totally unacceptable amount of time. I'm talking 2-3 minutes on a 1.2 ghz celeron. Granted, the hardware was garbage, but 2-3 mins is beyond all realm of reason, especially since apt/synaptic works so well on the same box. The synaptic clone is a bit better, which is really not saying much. It actually stores the local package cache in a db or something, because search results are instantanius (like locate), but I found load time to be in the realm of a minute (unacceptable compared to synaptic), and the dependancy resolving to be needlessly pedantic.

If all that existed was the situation we were in 5 years ago when I started messing around with linux, this would be a great distro. It is a solid KDE, good ideas with the installer, real nice framebuffer/bootsplash eyecandy, etc. But I find YaST to be totally unworkable, and would never recommend it, even to a total newb, which (aparently) is what this distro is geared for.

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