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SuSE, openSUSE LinuxForums reviews SUSE 10.1, and concludes: "Everything worked perfectly and the system seemed to be very stable. The boot splash, the login managers, the installer and the desktops were customized with a unified SUSE look and feel that made them beautiful and very professional. The YaST installer in particular impressed me a lot, and I was amazed to see how SUSE succeeded in making a great desktop operating system, both with Gnome and KDE, offering a lot of software, a lot of options, a lot of configuration tools without making it hard at all for the user. This release also comes with great new applications such as Xgl, Xen and AppArmor. Everywhere I looked, I saw really nice things, great ideas and a beautiful presentation."
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My take
by Ultimatebadass on Sat 13th May 2006 18:54 UTC
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Today, since I finally had some free time, I gave 10.1 a shot.

First, I tried the update option as I was running 10.0 before - no go. It installed correctly but for some reason after it reached the "pre-login" state during boot (where the screen is filled with that grey/black pattern, just before the login is supposed to show up) it just stayed there. This probably has something to do
with the fact that I had many things installed/updated in my 10.0 setup... don't know. Bottom line: it didn't work for me.

Without wasting time on trying to figure out what's the cause I did a clean install.
First impression? Very good, everything looks polished and professional. I really like the new bootsplash and Gnome theme.

I'm also impressed with how Xgl is handled in 10.1: before it required editing config files - now you just click a button and you're done. Great, except it still doesn't support dual monitor setups so it's useless to me (I ALMOST wish I had only one monitor ;-) ).

On the other hand I had a rather unpleasent experience with ATI drivers install/config. The installation procedure without package generation didn't work for me, and the config that SaX provided coupled with what comes out after you run aticonfig thru it gave me a reason to finally try out the failsafe boot option - after starting x there was lots of garbage on the screen. Luckly I had my old config generated by fglrxconfig (no idea why the decided to drop this for aticonfig...) saved so I managed to get it working right (using the old config + installing drivers from .rpm).

IMHO it's a solid update from 10.0. Doesn't include everyhing I'd wish for (like gnome 2.14), but overall I'm pretty happy with what i'll be running until 10.2 comes out :-)

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