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Features, Office The developers behind Word 12 have added a blogging feature to Word 12. They have promised that the blogging feature wil output clean, unmangled HTML: "That's right. No more verbose Word HTML. The goal for this feature is not pure fidelity, but the right fidelity for your blog."
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Seems good to me
by UglyKidBill on Sat 13th May 2006 20:29 UTC
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*Every* single person I know outside the geek world uses Word for almos every single task that has more than 20% text in it.
Moving that to the web is always a PITA when every word processor creates html pages full of "custom" css styles whithin the page, clashing with any other style already in the site or CMS; and I've never found a way to get a _clean_ old-fashion html output.
So I for one would welcome such feature in word processors, specially in OO and Abiword.

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