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Legal "The US government has given its thumbs-up to Microsoft's search box plans for Vista, shrugging off concerns raised recently by Google. While criticizing Microsoft for its implementation of its existing antitrust accord, regulators appear satisfied with the software maker's plans for Windows Vista, including a new search box that is part of Internet Explorer 7." On a related note, "the Justice Department is seeking to extend the term of its landmark antitrust settlement with Microsoft by two years, blaming Microsoft's slowness in providing technical documentation to rivals."
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Fair's fair
by Hae-Yu on Sun 14th May 2006 03:26 UTC
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Very few people feel MS is doing anything wrong in this regard. Google advertised Firefox off the homepage, what, the week before last? Did Firefox pay? No. What does Google offer in Google Pack? Not IE. Obviously there is some cross-interest involved between these 2 entities.

What page does Safari default to? Konqueror? What page has IE Search defaulted to for years? What homepage has IE defaulted to for years? Did that stop Google from being the #1 search page? Did that stop Yahoo from being the #1 portal? Obviously the investigators took those rather HUGE fact in consideration.

For a while people felt MS needed controlling, but the more these frivolous lawsuits arise, the more the tech crowd gets jaded. In Google's case, this backfired. Only a very few rabid MS haters took up the ball while the rest of us rolled our eyes and Google lost points.

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