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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Belenix, a live CD based on OpenSolaris, has seen the release of version 0.4.3. The Belenix people say this release is major performance upgrade, and includes several fixes such as a new file sorting algorithm to process the DTrace output, some stuff regarding Xserver which leads to boottime being decreased by 20 seconds, various installer bugs, and much more. Rejoice. By the way, here is a chart comparing ZFS with Linux RAID/LVM options.
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RE[2]: XGL
by Ford Prefect on Sun 14th May 2006 13:09 UTC in reply to "RE: XGL"
Ford Prefect
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XGL uses what the GL driver uses. The nvidia GL driver doesn't use DRI but has it's own way to talk from userspace to kernelspace (nvidia module isn't a DRI/DRM one but creates /dev/nvidiactl, /dev/nvidiaX).

So if you have GLX accelerated rendering up and running it should also be possible to run XGL. But XGL also uses some GL extensions so these must be supported by the nvidia driver, too.

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