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Apple Alcibiades' recent article hit some sensitive nerves. One of our readers wrote a retort, stating: "The reader will notice that this author glosses over two important issues in attacking the Mac community. One of these is that Windows, at least since 95, has always been notorious for its reliability and security issues. He does not mention the 'Blue Screen of Death' even once. He does not mention the fact that, to run Windows reliably, you need anti-virus software which costs extra (unless it came bundled with the machine), and uses extra system resources. He does not mention the continual updates, which as time goes on, detract from the performance of Windows - or even that the last fresh Windows OS was released as long ago as 2001."
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RE: Oh Great, this again.
by google_ninja on Sun 14th May 2006 22:11 UTC in reply to "Oh Great, this again."
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There are three things at work here.

1) Operating systems are complex mothers that take a significant amount of time to gain expertise on. People don't like to think they spent years learning something when theres something else out there which is superior. Hence the "mine's bigger" mentality

2) People who are unsure of themselves need validation from others. You see this when you talk to people about the movies they watch, the music they listen to, and the OS they use (amoung other things). So when combined with #1, this explains the Jihad posts in these kinds of flame wars.

3) Some people (like me) enjoy a good argument, especially when theres a chance at getting enlightened about something. By defending your position, you often end up realising all sorts of things that you plain didnt think of before. However, this type of person will only rarely post in this particular kind of thread, as there are very very few flame wars of the length or ferocity of Mac vs Windows.

If you want some advice, never argue with a zealot. Smile, nod, and back away. You won't win, because you cant. They are almost alwas in the first two categories.

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