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Features, Office After interviewing members of Koffice's team, Updegrove now interviews's team. "Today, it's the turn of OpenOffice - the other well-known open source implementation of ODF, and the most implemented of all software packages that support ODF. The interview that follows is with Louis Suarez-Pots, OpenOffice's Community Manager, and John McCreesh, Marketing co-lead."
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RE: OpenOffice should "do a Mozilla"
by dsmogor on Mon 15th May 2006 11:03 UTC
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Quite the reverse with Firefox. It didn't make many changes to the engine part of mozilla (xpcom+xul) and was mere UI "debloatization". Most advances FF made in terms of rendering and leanness are inherited by mozilla suite which is as responsive as FF nowadays.

This actually proves that incremental changes when properly planned can put a downward spiral projects back on track.

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