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Features, Office After interviewing members of Koffice's team, Updegrove now interviews's team. "Today, it's the turn of OpenOffice - the other well-known open source implementation of ODF, and the most implemented of all software packages that support ODF. The interview that follows is with Louis Suarez-Pots, OpenOffice's Community Manager, and John McCreesh, Marketing co-lead."
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RE[3]: A suggestion
by dsmogor on Mon 15th May 2006 12:18 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: A suggestion"
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Few seconds can make a huge difference depending on your usage pattern.
Many times office documents are used as mere reference in a readonly mode just like html and pdf.
Now, try to browse through say 30+ documents having to wait your share of seconds every time you need to look for 3 words or a picture.
This is seriousely disturbing your workflow.
The way OOo slow document loading speed (startup + open time) disables some typical workflows, makes quick loading a feature that sorely lacks.
A gues a fast, standalone viewer would greatly relieve this burden.
That's why I put high hopes on KOffice. Their recent ODF compatibility level is very prommising and KWord/KCalc KPART is exactly what I'm talking about.

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