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GNU, GPL, Open Source "I also don't have a lot of interest in being a good person or bad person, from what I can tell either way you are screwed." This is what Georgia Lass, lead character of my favourite television production "Dead Like Me", says, when she introduces herself in the pilot episode. I cannot speak for the developers behind the Kororaa Xgl live CD, but I'd think Georgia nailed the situation they must be in pretty well. Note: this is the Mon... Err, Sunday Eve Column. My apologies for the delay, but I was... Incapacitated yesterday eve.
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"Far less attractive"
by Ford Prefect on Mon 15th May 2006 21:24 UTC
Ford Prefect
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Many things people can't do actually would make people's work much more attractive. It's just they are not allowed to do so and almost everytime it is to protect someone elses rights.

Some things, even if it's sad, just can't be done. The real problem are the proprietary drivers. I know there won't be free nvidia drivers. But if windows would demand hardware developers to release their drivers open, guess what we would have. So blame nvidia, ati.

If there would be no GPL or GNU, there would be no linux distribution as you know it today. So don't blame people for what they have contributed, just because they have done it in a way which doesn't fit all needs.

Don't say "this license doesn't make sense, because I don't care a f--k". This doesn't matter. The developers seem to care or have cared, and you have to obey their rules.

Ford Prefect

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