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Qt Thinking on the issue of licensing and KDE, an old hymn came to the mind of OfB's Tim Butler. "As it was in the beginning, is now, And ever shall be" Yes, the issue of licensing has been a perennial problem for the Free/Open Source desktop and he suggests its biggest licensing issue remains: the GPL. Read more at
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by kaiwai on Wed 6th Jul 2005 10:13 UTC
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If there was ever a good move, it would be fore Trolltech andRealBASIC to merge into one company, base the next version of RealBASIC on Qt - for Mac, X11 and Windows; it would move the primary motive for profit generation away from charging for the framework and put it back into the camp of providing cross platform RAD tools for developers.

RealBASIC + Qt multiplatform capabilities, sell the whole thing for US$399 for a commercial licence, 3 years software update support, and believe me, it would be a damn fine deal for people who wish to deploy Linux/Mac and Windows desktops, and need to migrate their quick and dirty VB solutions from the Windows world to a multiplaform world.

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