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Java "Sun today announced that Java Platform, Standard Edition 5 is now available for redistribution by GNU/Linux and OpenSolaris operating system distributors under the new Operating System Distributor's License for Java (also known as the 'Distro License for Java' or DLJ). Developed in consultation with, and for use by, the various GNU/Linux communities, the new license allows distributors to ship Sun's Java SE 5.0 Java Development Kit and Java Runtime Environment as installable packages for their operating systems." At the same time, Sun also promised to open-source Java.
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by suryad on Tue 16th May 2006 22:54 UTC
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Well done Sun! I think this is a great move. Make it very freely distributable will increase its popularity and allow many users to access a great many java applets and apps that are out there. Also it will make Linux a better development platform for Java purposes.

And the open sourcing of Java is also amazing because JEE 5 is a great step in the right direction. IT is very easy to use and it got developed and released very quick if I am not mistaken. This open sourcing I hope means that Sun will still have final control over Java but the process will be more open and thus Java will evolve quicker and better with many more features and advancements with input from other big java houses. I think this is a good news for Java fans and enterprise developers and a slightly bad news for the .NET platform.

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