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AMD AMD confirmed details of its "Next Generation Processor Technology" today, but it's really business as usual for the company. As AMD heads to four-core country, the company will continue to improve the bandwidth of its processor package, tweak memory and rely on help from partners to compete with an upcoming line of revamped chips from Intel.
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RE[2]: AMD markup madness
by Trollstoi on Wed 17th May 2006 10:06 UTC in reply to "RE: AMD markup madness"
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I wouldn't say that both are a better deal... the 462 Sempron (which I believe is not produced anymore) is in fact just a crippled Barton as the guy said. Now the 754 Sempron I have to agree is a very cool choice because of the on chip memory controller (or however is its name). If I were to assmble a new PC today, I would still buy AMD, 754 Sempron or any Athlon64, but that can change instantly if Intel starts offering better deals. I don't belong to AMD church :-)

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