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Linux "I've been a Linux diehard since my early days with Debian 1.3. I visited various RPM distributions, including Red Hat, Mandrake, and SUSE, flirted with Gentoo, and jumped on the Ubuntu bandwagon, but I could never find a single place to settle - until I tried Arch Linux."
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Today everybody talks about Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the same as SuSe, Redhat, .. but seems to have been done a little bit more clever.

Still it is a clumsy distro targeted as "I don't even change my brown wallpaper" users. Almost every user of Ubuntu I've seen so far ... didn't even change his wallpaper.

This is fine, but it is still that Ubuntu doesn't make it very easy to it's users to modify their system, set up some basic services or build own packages.

It's just that even debian makes all these tasks complicated. Not complicated in obscurity (as would go for SuSe) but in just complicated.

Arch provides both comfort and customizability. Sure, you have to know many things the typical Not-wallpaper-setter would never know to get it up and running. But Arch makes every task you have to do as simple (not easy) as possible for you. The BSD init is not only fast, it's also damn easy to get a module loaded or a service started. You want to have a job done every day? just place a symlink / wrapper script to /etc/cron.d/daily/... Arch also uses udev magic to any extend; when talking about modules to be loaded, I talk about thinks like fuse (for sshfs)...

So ok, you have to set up your own Xorg config. But you don't have to check what network card you have, or sound card. You can plugin a usb camera and only have to add your user to the "camera" group to get access to it...

This is what I am missing in other distros. I'm not a zealot who wants to compile every package himself, because just it's for doing myself. But I also want to have my own X setup with dualhead, I need services like apache, tomcat, I want to use sshfs. So every piece of extra stuff I want to do, I can do. But every piece of ridiculous stuff to be done I don't have to care about ;)

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