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Linux "I've been a Linux diehard since my early days with Debian 1.3. I visited various RPM distributions, including Red Hat, Mandrake, and SUSE, flirted with Gentoo, and jumped on the Ubuntu bandwagon, but I could never find a single place to settle - until I tried Arch Linux."
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you obviously just lack of the Arch like experience. Arch isn't just Slackware which you referenced to.

Please don't get me wrong: I never stated (and it would never be my intend to) it would be impossible to do this or that with Ubuntu/Debian. Sure it is possible to do anything with it which is possible with any other distro! I'm with you regarding this.

What I said is that it is _complicated_. I don't know how complicated it is to modify slackware. I sure know how complicated it is with Debian or Ubuntu as I used these systems, too. Many tasks are just much, much simpler in Arch (best example is modifying or creating packages). You just have to try this out yourself to get an idea about how complicated Debian is. I had to have this experience myself ;)

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