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Mac OS X "Thanks to pirates, or rather the fear of them, the Intel edition of Apple's OS X is now a proprietary operating system. Mac developers and power users no longer have the freedom to alter, rebuild, and replace the OS X kernel from source code. Stripped of openness, it no longer possesses the quality that elevated Linux to its status as the second most popular commercial OS."
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check before posting.
by soapdog on Wed 17th May 2006 21:04 UTC
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For the love of God, Thom, please check your sources before posting. Since the first launch of the first Intel Based Mac, apple closed the xnu sources for the x86 platform. This is so last year...

Posting this now is just FUD and sensasionalism. Also the only part that is closed is the kernel (xnu) all the other parts of APSL initiative are working.

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