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PC-BSD "PC-BSD aims to be an easy to use desktop operating system, based on FreeBSD. As many Linux users, I have little or no knowledge about FreeBSD. I heard many rumors about it. I read about it and about its history. I even tried it a little while ago and, although I appreciated some aspects of it, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't ready for the desktop. So when I read the announcement of PC-BSD being released, I decided to have a look at it." Read the review at LinuxForums.
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by lopisaur on Thu 18th May 2006 13:36 UTC
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Just a few rants about this "review" (I'm in a lousy mood this morning):
- "The boot menu offers a few options. It probably allows to boot an already installed image, or to perform a text mode installation. I decided to go with the default choice." The guy could at least read the boot menu.
- Are there any grassy hills on Microsoft's website?
- People that don't know what language their keyboard's layed out for probably have no business installing an OS.
- I never heard the term "mono-user"...
- I know this point about the ports collection has been made a million times, but what's so difficult about cd /usr/ports/APPNAME, make install clean? I know it's not something you'd expect a novice to be able to do, but a serious reviewer should at least look into the fact that ports DO work in PC-BSD, not "suppose" they do.
- At least his final sentence is nice, although PC-BSD is not supposed to be the same animal as FreeBSD (at least not on the outside).

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